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Both the forthcoming movie Race, as well as a new documentary, More Than Gold, take a their subject Jessie Owens and his achievements at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. It’s doubtful that either will mention what he did in the years immediately following the Olympics: which was to become a part-owner of, and travel with, Oscar Charleston’s Crawfords baseball team in its wandering post-Pittsburgh phase. Owens would engage in races at Crawfords games as a gate attraction–often with horses. And he would win.

Charleston and Owens must have gotten to know each other quite well. These were two of the greatest athletes of all time. The nature of their relationship, though–what they thought about each other, said to one another, did together after games … I don’t know anything about any of that, yet, and am not sure what is out there. But it would be fascinating to know something about, wouldn’t it?

By the way, you know who finished second in the 1936 Olympics 200-meter sprint? Mack Robinson . . . Jackie’s older brother.

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