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While we wait for the New York Times to weigh in, here are three reviews of Oscar Charleston from the last week:

Wes Lukowsky at Booklist:

An invaluable contribution to baseball history.

The Guy Who Reviews Sports Books:

Ask most baseball fans or historians to name the best players in the history of the Negro Leagues and the immediate answers are usually Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige and Cool Papa Bell. However, if one takes a closer look at both the statistics available and the excellence of his play for a long period of time, the answer must be Oscar Charleston. Charleston’s life and legacy are told in this excellent book by Jeremy Beer.

Bob D’Angelo, The Sports Bookie:

Oscar Charleston fills a void in baseball history, providing context and nuance to a great player who was enigmatic in life — and in death.

My thanks to D’Angelo for catching my error in spelling Ebbets Field with two “t’s.” Won’t be the last typo called out, I’m certain, but it is the first!

I was honored to do six radio shows last week. It was especially cool to be the Query and Schultz show, both of whom asked great questions, in Indianapolis on Friday. Here’s the recording.